Brokerage Listing Terms & Conditions

Brokerage Listing Terms and Conditions


  • RHYD - Roger Hill Yacht Design
  • Vendor - The party listing the boat on the RHYD Brokerage
  • Fee - payabale by the Vendor to RHYD

What is the RHYD Brokerage?

This is a service to introduce RHYD owners, who are interested in selling their boats, to people who might be interested in buying them.

What is the listing fee?

The listing fee for one boat is NZ$300 plus GST (NZ resident only).

What happens if RHYD receive an enquiry on the Vendor's behalf?

When an enquiry is recieved RHYD will forward it on to the owner of the boat in question so that the owner can respond and deal with the enquirer directly, an introduction.

How does RHYD invoice the Vendor?

If the introduction from RHYD results in the sale of the boat the Vendor will pay to RHYD a fee of one percent of the sale price.

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