13.75m Workboat Cat

13.75m Workboat Cat

This a new design currently being developed as a multipurpose work boat and passenger vessel.

It is a displacement hull type so will have the usual economy and sea keeping ability typical of that genre.

Designed to carry up to 20 passengers as a tourism excursion boat it can also carry 4 tons of cargo in the cockpit or do commercial dive work and other marine engineering related activities.

There are a couple of crew berths in the fwd end of the boat for overnight accommodation.

The fore deck area is specifically detailed to facilitate passenger loading and unloading off the front of the vessel.

Side coaming sliding doors allow the crew or helmsman immediate access to the deck and the open side deck allows for easy and safe access to the fore deck from the cockpit and cabin.

The initial boat will be built in the UK for a client based in the Channel Islands.

Principal Particulars


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