10.10m Composite Planing Cat

10.10m Composite Planing Cat

This planing power cat is a modification of the smaller outboard powered 9.5m. The new design is longer and deeper in the hull to cope with the increased displacement and the space required for an inboard diesel installation.

The boat will be used primarily for fishing off the Californian coast, day trips, and short cruises. A simple, lightweight Tuna tower will be retro fitted as required by the U.S. based owner.

Powered with 2 x 190hp diesel inboards with duo prop stern legs, top speed is 36 knots and cruising range at 20 knots will be approx. 400 NM.

Construction is foam cored, epoxy and 'E' glass cloth hull and decks with a mixture of foam cored and ply internal structure.

This is a similar design to the 9.5m outboard powered planing hull cat, which can be viewed here

Principal Particulars


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