10m Alloy Planing Cat

10m Alloy Planing Cat

High speed but not a high price

This has been a very popular design built in Tauranga by Alloy Cats who offer several options in motive power, long cabins, short cabins, pleasure boat or commercial, see also the 10.25m alloy cat for the flybridge version.

Fitted with a pair of 250hp 4 stroke outboards a top speed of 45 knots is easily achieved with the sedan top boat making it very economic confortable to run in the 25 to 30 knot range.

The pleasure boat styling features a curved foreward screen and a moulded composite cabin top that gives the boat a lift and moves away from the stereotype alloy 'tinny' look.

The interior has 3 sleeping cabins and toilet/shower onthe lower deck, galley, settee, and helm station on the main deck. The moulded cabin top is finished in gloss paint on the underside which makes the cabin seem light and airy and the smooth deckhead with no protrusions more typical with an all alloy cabin  looks and feels very smart.

The cockpit is huge for the length of boat and is finished with well rounded edges and attention to detail that puts this boat a notch or two above your average alloy runabout or cruiser.

The inboard version features an even larger cockpit with full width boarding platform without the outboards taken up any space.

Alloy Cats also have a stretched version of this design at 10.8m, again offered in a variety of styles and engine configurations.

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