11.14m Alloy Planing Catamaran

11.14m Alloy Planing Catamaran

1Control, comfort, and manoeuvrability

This is our newest design in the range of moderate sized planing cats we offer.
The sheer line is a little more aggressive than you would normally expect to see on our designs around this size and the styling is also a progression from earlier models.

Like the slightly smaller 10m design it is detailed with a composite cabin top which is an easy to build component and adds a degree of luxury and clean lines compared to a more conventionally built alloy top.

Diesel inboards with stern legs are standard with the design but it would also be suitable for outboards or inboards with V drives and shafts with underwater props.

The first of this design to be launched is fitted with a pair of 310hp Cummins diesels with Bravo 3 stern legs and the 'Axius' control system. Top speed is 37 knots with a very economic cruising range in the low 20's.

Control, comfort, manoeuvrability, and sea keeping ability is outstanding. 

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