13.8m Semi Displacement Power Cat

13.8m Semi Displacement Power Cat

Super yacht fitout in 14m

This semi displacement power cat was built in Australia for a couple that intends to cruise extensively along the Queensland coast, Barrier reef, and associated outer islands.

With a similar very efficient semi displacement hull form to the slightly smaller 13.7m sister ship, this cat in comparison has a more extensive area of accommodation and shaded deck areas for the hot climate it will be operating in. Four sleeping cabins will cater for the occasional trip when the extended family is on the boat. Other essential equipment for tropical cruising and living aboard include a gen set and air conditioning, water making, and laundry.

Powered by a pair of 370 hp engines she has a top speed of 24 knots and the potential for very long range at lower cruising speeds, optimum cruising speed is in the 14 to 16 knot band with a range of approx. 700 NM at that speed.

Other features of this hull type are the shallow draft, prop protection and ‘beach ability’.

Sea keeping, handling, stability, and maneuverability will be superb. 

This design is now available in alloy with a composite flybridge. The alloy hull is 14m long, all other design characteristics are similar to the 13.8m. Please have a look at the web site for more information.


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