21m Alloy Planing Power Cat

21m Alloy Planing Power Cat

21m Alloy semi commercial planing cat

When launched this will be our largest cat built to date. The hull shape is a development of the very successful 20m ply/composite cat 'Ultimate Escape' and fitted with a pair of 1000hp Cats top speed should be in the 30 knot range with an average load on board.

The boat will have several roles to play, it can be a commercial fishing boat, it can be a luxury charter cruising boat, and it can be a live aboard home for the owner's should they choose to do that.

Based in the top of the South Island it will have a range that will allow it to operate up and down the West Coast and fishing grounds further north.

The design would be adaptable for various roles should it be required to do so.

Principal Particulars


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