10.35m Cruising Sailing Cat

10.35m Cruising Sailing Cat

Complete composite kit set construction

This new sailing cat design was commissioned by an Australian builder who has orders for several boats destined for a charter group in the Whitsunday islands. The internal layout is offered in 2 versions, a ‘normal’ private yacht and the charter version which has 3 toilet/showers! 

An option of centerboards or shallow fixed keels is also available, the later being cheaper and easier to build but not giving the same sailing to windward ability and shallow draft capability. 

The construction system is detailed completely around a composite kit set, pre made and pre cut flat panel process that will enable even the most unskilled amateur builder the opportunity to build this design with confidence and ensure that the final product looks like the original design and will float and perform as intended! 

The hull shape is a simple double chine around the bottom and there is a knuckle in the topsides that will add stiffness and reduce the panel size for ease of handling while under construction. 

The entire project can be built the right way up and there is minimal secondary bonding on the outside of the hull which will reduce the time and cost of the more normal fairing and painting process. 

Two other options to be considered are tiller steering instead of the twin wheels as a simplifying and cost saving alternative and plywood construction. 

You may be interested in contacting John Morrin for more information on building this design or having one built.

Principal Particulars
LWL 9.78 m
LOA 10.35 m
Displacement 4575 kg
Draft 0.95 m
Drive Type Inboard
Survey Class 1
Construction Composite
Builder Latitude Yachts
Design Status Published
Design Number 107
Hull Form 2
Design Type 1


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